Vega PRO 50 Table Saw Fence System

Can The Vega PRO Table Saw Fence System Upgrade Your Saw To The Level You Expect?

Vega Table Saw Fence

The Vega PRO Table Saw Fence System is a simple piece of kit for your table saw with measurements of 42-inch Fence Bar, 50-inch to Right and 10-inch left of blade.

It aims to provide a clean, reliable cut thanks to its mounting system, guide rails and adjustment settings and it designed to be compatible with a number of saws for quick and easy upgrades.

This Vega PRO 50 table saw fence system only really has one purpose, to improve the performance of your current saw by increasing the accuracy, but is it able to achieve this?


What benefits does this Vega table saw fence have and can it upgrade your current set up?

The first aspect to consider here has to be the ability to upgrade your saw into a more worthwhile model because that is the key reason for buying this product. On the whole, the customer feedback suggests that it lives up to this aim because many users have seen a vast improvement to their saws after installation.

The alignment of the fence and table is made easier by the design of the fence, which includes pre-drilled holes to match up with an existing hole pattern, and the improvements in accuracy are enhanced by the inclusion of a micro-adjustment system.

In addition to this new level of accuracy, there are a number of other positive factors that have been highlighted by users in their testimonials and it seems that this Vega fence offers a great performance. One element that is commonly talked about is the reliability of this product thanks to both its accuracy and consistency.

Users no longer have to waste time on measuring and double checking the wood and fence to see if it will make an accurate cut; instead they can let the saw do its job and enjoy clean, straight cuts with refreshing regularity. The system is functional, appears to be durable and takes a lot of hassle and stress out of the process.

Vega PRO 50 Table Saw Fence System

Does this Vega Pro product have any flaws that limit its appeal or functionality?

When it comes to the negative aspects of this product, the most frequently mentioned complaints refer to the use of bare steel and aluminium. These parts are strong enough but the rough cuts and lack of primer mean a poor finish that has disappointed buyers when they consider the quality of the rest of product and the price tag.

Other viewpoints worth taking note of are that the fence system could be a little more secure, perhaps with more anchor points, and that the instructions could be better – although the assembly is too not hard to decipher.

Summary: is this Vega fence system worth the large price tag?

The high cost of this fence may be more of a deciding factor than elements such as its design or performance because it is one of the more expensive models out there. The cost is arguably worthwhile if you are a regular user that will appreciate the time saved thanks to the accuracy and reliability, but perhaps not if you are a casual user that has limited requirements and will not build that much.

Overall, the Vega PRO Table Saw Fence System is a great piece of kit – despite the issues with the finish and security – and it can upgrade your saws and improve their accuracy, consistency and general performance to a level that you may not expect.

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